Top 5 Christmas Ideas

Little Parrots Top 5 Favourite Christmas Ideas

As a travelling Speech Pathologist, it's in the job description to have exciting and motivating games for children to play with during our sessions. I often get asked, "Where did you get that game from?", particularly this time of year, when every parent is looking for Christmas present ideas.

Well, here are a few of my favourite and most popular ideas!

1. Pop up Pirate    You can buy Pop Up Pirate here. This game by Tomy, is a clear favourite with younger and older children (and parents!) alike. It's a great game for colour recognition, taking turns, language development, fine motor skills AND it's lots of fun!!!

2. Dotty Dinosaur You can buy Dotty Dinosaurs here.  Dotty Dinosaurs is a big hit with the 3-7 year olds! On one side of the dinosaurs is the the colour matching game and the other side is shape and colour matching. I use this game a lot for younger children, as it keeps their attention, but the game doesn't go for too long either.

3. Roll up play mats  Small Roll Up Car Mat   You can buy Roll Up Play mats here.  If you're on the road at lot during your week, driving the kids here and there, at therapy appointments or visiting friends or family, here is a fabulous Christmas idea. Play mats are a fantastic activity for encouraging language development, imaginative play and social skills.

4. Zingo!       You can buy Zingo! here
A great, new take on bingo, this game is great for the whole family! It's a simple and fun game for children from about 3-9 years and great for turn taking, language skills and social skills.

5. Sound Puzzles       You can buy this puzzle here.
This is more than just a puzzle! Each time you put a piece of puzzle in place, you will hear the sound of that vehicle. So motivating for children who are reluctant to do puzzles. This puzzle can be used to encourage receptive and expressive language skills, turn taking, fine motor skills and more.

What are your hot tips for Christmas this year? Do you know of any 'must have' products to share?

Happy Christmas shopping! 


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